Lobster Dinner, We Fancy

After a super long day of shopping with NO naps, it was not a huge surprise that Mirah and Lucas both passed out on our way to dinner. 
And where was dinner on our last night with Jim and Lynnelle? 
Yep. On Jim’s insistence that I needed to try good lobster, we went to this fancy fish market. 
He was excited for me to try everything. It was really so sweet of him. So, I had my first ever Oysters. Honestly, I fully expected to get sick. I full expected not to like them. But actually I really loved them. I really liked the blue points. 
Karl said that “they all tasted like the boogers of the sea.”
We also got mussels, and calamari. 

Well folks, this is what a $70 dinner looks like. 
The Lobster was just incredible! One of the best things I have ever tasted. It was pillowy and tender, and I just wish I hadn’t filled up on other things and could have just had lobster. 
This was the good news. 
The bad news? Lucas STRUGGLED waking up from his nap. He was upset and crying the whole time. IT took a really long time to get his food, and even when it came it was just too much for him to eat it. 

Once he did settle down and eat, it was much better. 

If you can believe it, we had left overs! 
The always generous Jim and Lynnelle paid for this wonderful dinner. we were and are so spoiled. A wonderful night together, love you guys! And thank you!! 

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