First Day of Swim Lessons

Mom’s first morning in town we went to her favorite place for breakfast: Guru’s
It was also the first day of the kids swim lessons.
One out way, we had a fun breakfast together.

This boy.

Uncle Adam met up with us too. 

Breakfast went a little long. But, it was okay! We made it to lessons a few minutes after we started!

Lucas and I did a Parent Child Class. The whole class is hugging and singing little songs while practicing swimming basics.

Row-row-row your boat
Kick kick kick your legs
Blow blow blow your bubbles!

Zoom zoom zoom
we’re going to the moon
Zoom zoom zoom
we’re going to the moon

If you want to take a trip

Climb aboard my rocket ship
Zoom zoom zoom
we’re going to the moon

5-4-3-2-1 Blastoff!

Ring around the rosie
a pocket full of star fish
Splashes splashes we all fall down!
Here we are practicing kicks with our little duckies.
The wheels on the bus go round and round (forward crawl stroke)
The swimmers on the bus go kick kick kick
The mommies on the bus go shh shh shh (blowing bubbles)
The babies on the bus go up and down. (Dip when you say down)
Up and DOWN! 
Lucas was not into it. He was love/hating it. 
We did Itsy Bitsy spider crab walk on the walls too.

Motor boat motor boat
go so slow
Motor boat motor boat
Go so fast
Motor boat motor boat
Run out of Gas
(While kicking his legs.)

Swimming to the well with Luke. 

We saw Grandma and Lucas freaked! I loves her so much.

His favorite one was when we told him to be a tree and splashed his feet and told him to grow, grow grow, then we chopped him down and he fell into my arms into the water.

Mirah was doing great from day one too. 
She was learning the strokes and so happy about it. 
She was excited to tell Grandma about  diving for rings. 
Since I wasn’t in class with her I didn’t get to see as much of what she was up to. 

He teacher did tell me that she is doing so great, and that she is learning a lot.

First day freestyle. 
When swim lessons were over the little kids got to go and slide down the slide. 
I love this boy. 
But it wasn’t all smooth sailing:
Oh boy. He was fine 

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