Cousin’s Sleep Over

It’s almost Spring in Utah, which means it’s time for snow! We had a pretty warm week, and then it snowed! Which was fine timing since it was a weekend we were spending at home, with cousins! Well in the end, just one cousin.

Sloan! Yep Sloan came and stayed!

It was a pretty chill night, although I was ON all night. Unless they were playing video games, they wanted me to be telling them what to be doing.

We ended up playing a hilarious game for Kids Against Maturity. AND it was a little too MATURE for these kids, oh well! They had a total blast.

The kids were surprisingly good at figuring out what would make me laugh.

It was fun to laugh with Sloan. He is such a good kid.

Dinner was “Pasta Bar” and Lucas was excited to show us how he could climb on anything now that he had finished his bouldering class.

Bed time! I read them Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire until they all fell asleep.

The next morning, the kids got up, had cereal, and played more video games. It was Sunday, so we all went to church. It was really nice to be with Sloan.

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