Seven Peaks

Mirah on her first visit to Seven peaks when she was one. 

Here she is years later with her little brother and Aunt Chelsea. 
No water proof camera, so no proof of the fun we all had. 
We started in the lazy river. We tried with double tubes, but the tubes were so big and the kids were so little… they would slide right through the holes makeing the tubes pointless. Then we went and got single tubes and held the kids on our laps, which was less fun for the kids. 
Then we split apart, Belle took Lucas to the kids splash pools and slides and Mirah and I ran to the top of the 7 peaks tower to the Caved In slide. We burned out feet on the way up. 
BUT it was worth it, we had a blast on the slide. Lucas and Belle were also having a blast. He went round and round and round as many times as his legs, and aunt, could carry him. He was by all accounts have the time of his little life. 
We finally went into the wave pool. It was so great! Mirah said it was her favorite thing we did that day. Lucas just laughed and laughed and laughed. 
After all that the kids were BEAT. Time for snacks and drinks in the shade. 
Changed out of our suits. 

Well Lucas anyway. 

We returned our tubes then one last picture! 
Chles helped me get the kids into the car. We said goodbye. She bike home.

Lucas on the drive home. 
What a day! 

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