Memorial Day Breakfast on the BBQ

Memorial Day dawned bright and early. It had been a fun and busy weekend so far, with people all around. As much as we enjoyed the company, it was nice to be just the 4 Pipkin-Hites again.

Karl had been having a blast on the grill that weekend, and had decided to do breakfast on the BBQ that morning for us.
Still Lucas needed a little appetizer. Red, White, and blue rice crispy’s. 


And what was Karl making for us? Pancakes! He has LOVED the baking steel that my mom got for him for Christmas. It has been such a versatile tool in his chef’s belt. 

The table and all the chairs were still outside from the weekend. So we had our pancakes on the patio in the cool morning. 

Even Lady Mirah was loving it.

SO yum.



We all got dressed and ready to go for that day.

Big smiles in front of our flag.

Mirah was so excited for her new dress from Grandma.
She was STOKED to give us a spin.

My spinning angel lady. 

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