Mom and Dad Visit Day 1

So Mom and Dad were coming into town for the weekend. Dad’s old college roommate Jeff’s wedding. After missing their first flight because of a tragic block due to wind up the grade. So their 1:30 PM arrival time turned out to be a 10:00 PM arrival time then they didn’t get to us until around midnight. Why so late? The airline lost dad’s bag! It had everything from his iPad and check book to his cloths and shoes and worst of all his heart medication.

Needless to say they were hungry and tired and anxious when they got to us. Belle and Adam were at the house with us waiting for them to arrive. We decided to go to dinner at midnight at Denny’s.  

Cuties. I just love them both. But the day they had just experienced was all over their faces. 
We had a late dinner of pancakes, and nachos, and mashed potatoes and just enjoyed that the time together. Poor mom and dad were really distracted. The woman behind the counter at the airline said she would be there until 1 AM and that they could call with any questions. Dad called several times and she never answered. Belle and Adam left, mom and Karl went to bed, and Dad and I staryed up until 2 waiting to see if the bag would arrive. It never did. 

The next day Dad left at 6 AM to head to the airport to see if it had been found. We heard from him around 7:30, he thought he saw his bag behind a counter. After tracking someone from the airline down to get it for him, he found out he was mistaken. It wasn’t his bag.

We spent the rest of the morning running around and buying things for dad. They called the doctors office and the doctor himself called in a perception to Orem for us. Dad had to get everything that was lost. Undergarments, shoes, shirts, socks, a new suit case. They went to the bank and canceled the checks. As the were checking out from thier THIRD visit to Costco that day, they got a call, the airline found his bag! It had ended up in Portland, OR.

It arrived at the house around 1:00 PM I think,

Dad sat with it on his lap for an hour. Everyone was SO relieved. Especially mom.

The mood lightened after all of that was resolved. They missed the wedding and the reception, but I think that they were okay to just be with everyone.

Cam and Kelly arrived, and we spent the afternoon on the patio with the kids playing in the yard.

Grandpa was happy to be with his little kiddos. 

Karl being a little turkey. 
Lucas and his helmet. 
Mirah and Sloan were stoked to be together again. 
Mirah made this little number herself our of left over material she found in my sewing things. 
And Sloan used her Moana skirt as a Jedi robe. 

It WARMS my heart to see these two little kiddos get along so well. 
Also to see this. 
We had a BYO dinner. The gang spilt and everyone went somewhere different. We went to Cafe Rio, Dad and Mom went to Lucy’s Pizza, Belle and Adam and Kelly went down to Cup Bop. 

It was time for the Murray Pipkins to scoot so the who gang ended up in the front yard and we got some cute pictures. 
These two cuties taking some time to snuggle together. 

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