Kangaroo Zoo

Mirah’s Preschool spent the last day of the year together at the Kangaroo Zoo in Pleasant Grove.
Lucas was in HEAVEN. 

Mirah was just so excited to run around with one of her best buddies Maren. We would catch sight of her for a minute, then she would disappear. 

Then Lucas would free climb this whole gigantic slide by himself. 
Over and over again. He was a little slow, so the bigger kids got frustrated behind him, but he was SO good at climbing, I just wouldn’t stop him. 

Then Mirah would appear again, looking so happy. 

Then Lucas would climb another mountain by himself. 

Mirah’s class decided to go down the big slide together. 
The almost knocked it over. 

So we all piled up on this slide instead. 

Then Mirah and Maren we off again. 
Lucas was getting seriously heated up. 

Final pictures with Miss Vicki 

Then one more slide together. 

And a final goodbye to old buddies. 
We have loved Center Stage preschool. I will TOTALLY have Lucas in there school. 

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