Provo Canyon Day!

My brother Cameron did the math, and he figures that he only has sub 10 more summers before his boys will want to hang out with him anymore. So he made a reservation at a campground in Utah every month for the summer. May’s camping trip was meant to be a trip down to Zion National Park. They were all packed and ready to go, they were even made it all the way to Mona. The Check Engine light came on, and after visiting an auto parts store in the area, reading the code on the machine, they deduced that the transmissions fluid was over heating, because the tow was too much for the car. 
They stayed the night at Mona, then got up in the morning and headed over to Provo Canyon. It was the only place they could find a camping spot. 
Cam came well prepared, and since they were just up the road from our house, he invited us out for the day. 
Check out this set up:

A nice little contained area for the kids to play in. 

There was also many hammocks to enjoy tied up in trees right on the river. 

The kids wanted to paint, so they had to take it outside. 
Another view of our spot from the playground right next to our spot. 

Cam and the boys were gone, trying to get a nap in on a car ride. We spent a couple of hours at the site without them. And once the kids had played with all of the toys, hammocks, and river…they went searching for more and other entertaining things to do.
Like play with the drinking fountain. 

Or pick flowers for Aunt Chelsea and me. 

Through rocks in the river. 

Make flower crowns with the flowers with Aunt Chelsea who was trying to get a nap in. 

Karl went home and came back with his bike and more hammocks.   

Nothing I could do would get Mirah out of the water. 

Then Cam finally arrived! 

And with him, a just awoken Reese. 
Cameron, the constant worrier, was quick to get him covered in sun screen and bug spray. 
These little babies were so happy to be together. 
Karl and I were trying to enjoy our Hammocks. 
But that was impossible really. At least with little cuties around.  
Karl was able to get a few Z’s in. 

Still some of us, like Belle, kept on reading her book. 
It was full on Hammock land! 

The kids were back in the tent, having a ball. 
Then there were snacks to be had with uncle Adam. 

Not to mention the trailer.
Yes, Cameron had his cool trailer.
These two boys were excited to play at the table. 

Meanwhile back at the Hammocks, I was having a little lie down, and enjoying my view. 

Adam, representing. 

Lucas and Reese having fun together. 

Back at the table. 
It was getting late, and we needed to get Luke home fore his nap. 
So it was time to pack up, and go. When we told Cameron, he said it might be nice to get some inside time too. 

So we headed home for naps.

We watched movies, and rested, and played.
Then we had Pizza! 

After dinner, we said sad goodbyes. 
It was a wonderful day. 

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