New Neighborhoos Buds

We helped out a friend in the neighborhood with some childcare this week.
We went over to their house and it was a total wonderland there.

Our first stop, the trampoline. 

Lucas loved it, until he didn’t. He would get going, run around, and then fall, need to get off, then need to get back on just as badly.

Mirah and her buddy Easton. 

Easton kept asking if her name was Elsa. 
It was cute. 

They had this cool air plane teeter totter. 
Lucas liked to be the pilot. 

Between all the running and playing and swings we did get some nice snuggle time. 

Speaking of Snuggles, not to soon before we left this little guy woke up. Was Luke EVER this tiny?

Wile I got my snuggle on, Lucas wouldn’t get off of my feet. I think he didn’t like to see me holding another baby. 
Once I set him down, they were all into this cool toy. 

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