Earth Day 2017

Saturday was Earth Day, and since we LOVE the earth, and the people that live in our little corner of it. It was also our Ward Clean Up day. We started the day with breakfast at the church. Karl helped out some neighbors with chopping trees and pulling out bushes.

Then once the ward clean up was over, we did some work on our own yard. Like we did our first lawn moving of the year. We sprayed some week and feed on the lawn (later that day) and Karl updated and fixed our sprinkler OS.

When he was all set up, he turned one on and surprised Lucas. 

He did not like that. 

We took his cloths off. 
But left his sandals on. 
That last leg was the hardest part. 
Mirah just ran inside and threw on a swim suit faster than we could get Lucas out of his cloths. 
Cutie pie. 

Cutie. Baby hand. 

Mirah was excited to jump right in. Lucas was a little more tentative about getting into the water. 
It was so cute. It made me really excited for summer. 

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