Day 1 & 2: Bend & Sisters

Well the day had finally come! It was time to visit my Brother Brandon and his wife Leah! 
We left Orem mid day on Friday March 31st drove through the evening into the night. We stopped in Bend, a little town a few hours outside of Eugene our final destination. We were beat from the drive and Mirah was up first. She found my phone hoping to take some pictures.
Which she did. 

The room was comfy and clean and we were happy to have it.

Once we were all packed up and ready to go we called Branny. He was on his way! Almost to us in fact. We picked a place to have breakfast and waited for him there.

He arrived!!

We got the kids all set up. There were baskets of jellies that Lucas just loved.

The delicious pancakes arrived.

Karl got the Shrimp Omelette.


Branny and I got the Creme Brulee French Toast breakfast.
It came with all the fixin’s plus a raspberry sauce on top.

It was LOVELY. 

After breakfast we hit the road.

A few minutes later we found Pilot Butte State Scenic View Point Trail head and Neighborhood Park. 
We we got there the cramped kids were ready to play! We spent a while at the park. Mirah and I discovered a scavenger hunt and set to work finding all of the items. This one on the back side of a bench was the last one we found. 

Branny said he was enjoying the sun out there. Apparently Eugene had been pretty gray lately.

Karl was still beat from the trip, so he just laid on the grass and soaked up some sun. 
Lucas took this opportunity to give dad some head cuddles.
He loved it. 
After being cramped in the car, then the hotel, then breakfast, some open space and sunshine was JUST what we needed. Branny too. 


After all that running around we got into the car and Lucas passed out.

The drive was lovely. There was so much to look at.

We got our view of one of the Sisters. The three sister Butte’s, that give the city of Sisters Oregon it’s name.

As we got to old town center we parked and smiled. The street lights and statues were decorated with silly poofs and crocheted squares. After talking to a shop owner we found out is was a little prank for April Fools day.

This statue was a gift to the town. Sisters is a horse town. It is a big part of their economy. 

We invited Branny to jump into the picture. He helped Mirah through up a peace sign.

As we walked we found this house with a wall of denim. 

It was a well kept, well loved little town. We couldn’t have asked for a better day of weather.
We came upon the Garden of Eden Gift shop. I wanted to buy every wind sock and pinwheel in the place!

We geared up to stop for some food.

We stopped at the general store and got snacks and drinks.
This guy.

Then we made a stop at the antique store. 
Branny found a gun. 
Mirah found a “Rite Hite” refrigerator. 
And a pink cowboy hat. 

After snacks Lucas had PASSED OUT.

BUT- the minute we decided to get ice cream he woke right up. 

We got in line. The place smelled wonderful. Like fresh waffles and sugar and cream.

Brandon and Mirah were really excited.

Rightfully so.

A statue of Karl.

Our last stop in town was the Sister’s Bakery. 
There was a line, and the weather had turned cold. So we snuggled inside while Karl stood in line. 
We were back in the car, and the scenery had changed. Tumble weeds and cedar trees became walls of tall evergreens and fur trees. 

The wide highway narrowed through the forests.

Magical Oregon driving through the Cascades. 

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