Eye Exams

Haha, Lucas just happened to find these the morning before our eye exam appointment. He wanted to wear these glasses all morning. Which he did. 
In Mirah’s 4 yrar old appointment the doctor said that she was borderline needing glasses. 
In order to register at one of the elementry schools we are trying to get her into we had to have an eye exam. So we went and got one. 
Mirah with doctor Christensen. 

Zoomed in on her eyeball. 
She looks so tiny in the chair! 
He had her name all of these objects. 
Then showed them get smaller, and smaller, and smaller. 
She got them mostly correct. 
Then she watched a video of a dog running and answered questions about what he was doing. 

Then he looked at her eyes as she looked around. 

She was boarder line. So-he had to dilate her eyes to get a better look.  

Her eyes a few minutes after the dilation. 
15 minutes later. 
Karen and Krysta went right before us. 
And Karen got her eyes dilated too. 

Back in the office. 

My big girl. 

In the end, she was still borderline.
He gave us a prescription just in case-but we won’t fill it unless Mirah really needs. 

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