Driving Dad to The Airport

It had been a kind of stressful day. This was me in the morning. 
Ugh look at my hair. We were at the church for my first of two primary presidency meeting this week. Lucas was happy and grumpy. 
Flash forward to 6:30 dinner time. 
We found this random little fire stationed themed diner in North West SLC. 
Everything was deep fried, and the kids had fun eating tater tots and corn dogs. 
Mirah even scored herself a Sprite, a rare treat, and she was making the most of it. 

Karl had read a review online about their fish and chips. It was okay after all. 
There were no public restrooms, and there were bars on the windows. It felt a little sketchy in there. We had to find a rest room. Around the corner was an LDS chapel. It had started raining pretty hard, and we needed to get to the air port. So we ran over and found a Cub Scout counsel getting out and they allowed us to come in and use the restroom. Fun to find saints doing the same things as us in a chapel in another city. 
We got Karl dropped off, and I got emtional for the first time as I said goodbye. I knew it would be a long week with out him.

As we got back on the road, the rain continued, and started to turn to sleet by the time we got to Orem. It was the beginning of a bad week of weather. 

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