Family Valentines Dinner Party!

We had plans for Valentine’s night, so the night before we had a special themed dinner with everyone.
We made grilled cheese heart shaped sandos and home made tomato bisque.

I even went and got Havarti cheese slices. 
We decorated the table a little. 
I don’t know about everyone else, but Lucas was SUPER into it. 

Lucas and Zac talked about life and love after dinner. 
For dessert…I spent the afternoon molding three kinds of ice cream into little domes. 
Slicing cake.

Karl made a Meringue. Then he took it and put it on the molds. 

Then he torched them. 

Say hello to individual baked Alaskas. 
Yeah we did! 
Everyone got one. 
Lucas was INTO it! 

So was Mirah. 

He was really proud of himself. 
I was pretty proud of him too. 

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