Snowy Days, Whitmores Stays

Snow snow snow snow.
Look at Karl’s tetons! All the way up to the light! 

The Whitmore’s have been staying with us. It has been so amazing to have them with us. We eat dinner together and clean the house together.
Sometimes we even have some bedtimes together.
Here are the kids at bedtime the other night. 

It was cold, and I was avoiding shoveling.

Krysta started to shovel for us, so then I went out, and then Lucas really needed to be with us too, even though he refused to put on his pants.

The kids have LOVED having the Whitmore’s here. Every thime they come and every time they leave it is an emotional experience. 

Despite all the mountains of snow everywhere it makes me so happy to have them here.

I can not over state how much my kids love them. 
Zac was on the floor the other afternoon, and Lucas just wanted to be with him. 
Mirah too. She had to get in on the floor time. 
Things have been sunny and clear, and cold and snow is everywhere. 

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