Family Breakfast

At our family birthday party we realized that as Maryn would be moving away from us soon, that we wanted to take every opportunity possible to try and get together.

We were able to get together less than a week after our dinner.

Maryn got it all set up. She picked the resutrant, called everyone, and made all of the arrangements.  It was so nice to get together again.

We met at Penny Ann’s Cafe in Draper.

Even when we got their early, got a pager, and even got their early, we still waited 30 minutes to be seated. It was time well spent!
Mirah was SOOOO excited to see Maryn. 

When I told her (Mirah) that Maryn was moving she BURST into tears. She was so excited to hear we would be seeing her that morning.

Lucas was just excited to be out and seeing people. 

No one was more excited to see Lucas than his Aunt Chelsea. 

The days were getting warmer, so even though we were waiting outside it wasn’t too uncomfortable. Adam came in his Pipkin Trucking jackert so her was set. 
Maryn and Mirah found some sun and warmth. Also, Mirah just wanted to be with Maryn.

Too Sunny.

These guys. 

This guy. 

Back to these two. 
Lucas wanted to get in on it. 
Cameron and Sloan and Reese arrived. 
Mirah was really excited!

Then KP got there too!!
My cute sisters. 
Lucas gave dad a kiss. 
The kids gathered in the sun. 

Finally we got seated!
These little love birds.
Me and my boys. 

These kids at the end of the table. Coloring it up. 
Love these two. 
One of the group. Sloan refused to look at the camera, Cameron refused to stop eating. 
After breakfast, we went to say hi to grandma.  Cam had to get the kids down for their naps. 

The day was sunny and the temperature was in the 40’s. They were so happy to be running around. 

Krystin and Maryn went a got some flowers. Lucas couldn’t be told to not stand on the head stones. 
We visited Aunt Jackie too. We stood around telling stories and sharing memories.

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