Cam and Maryn’s Birthday Party

Maryn and Cameron had their birthdays as they do. To celebrate we had a dinner for them both on the last Sunday of January. Maryn arrived on Saturday night, everyone else after church on Sunday.  The afternoon was spent visiting and laughing and snuggling on the couch together. The girls watched a movie. 
Cameron arrived and we started dinner. 
We had a few among us who could really eat a lot. So we made Hawaiian Hay Stacks with all the fixin’s. 
My stack. 
The birthday kids. 
Lucas had just woken up from his nap, and was still a little sleepy. 

The gang at dinner. 
Adam was at work, and came and went during his break to have dinner. Kelly and the boys were scheduled to come, but they were too sick in the end. 
After dinner we had dessert. We made a cake for each of the birthday babes.

Maryn asked for Mom’s chocolate pudding trifle. Cam would never ask for it, but on the suggestion from mom I made him a strawberry cream shortcake. 
A happy birthday song. 

We then showered them with gifts. Like this bag from my mom to Maryn. 
We decided to take a family picture. 
Since Maryn will be moving to Sad Diego, these times will be fewer and farther between. 
One with my kiddos. 
Now one with the Pipkin Kids. 
Cam was loving it. 

Then we did what all Pipkin parties do…
We played Mario Cart!!
Cam eventually left, as did Maryn, Belle, and Adam. Krystin stayed the night and then went to work in the morning from our house.

Happy birthday, many happy returns, and here’s to many more years for my big brother and big sister. 

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