Weekend Kid Time

This weekend was a great time with the kids. 
Friday night we did a family date night. We went to The Bounce House. I found a Groupon a couple of weeks ago and we have been meaning to go. 
It did have lots of Bouncing places. But the things the kids liked the most were actually the other stuff. Lucas spend about half of our time there on this little carousel.

Their favorite place was this funny little balloon room. 

It snowed a TON that night. We took shoveling in shifts that day. 

Then after a trip to the grocery store, we came home and made, Mr. Snowman. Cleverly named by Mirah. 

Lucas was just so happy to be outside. 

He ran around the yard, and drove in his car. Its been a long winter inside. 
The finished product! 

I said, “Mirah give Mr. Snowman a kiss!”
She never did. He was “too cold.”

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