Busy Busy Baby Boy

It’s been a quiet week so far. 
We had a break from the snow for a couple of days.
But then a waterline on our street broke.
Our water was off for several hours.

The dug a big hole in the road. Lucas was in HEAVEN. 

A back hoe! 
And a dump truck!!
He kept saying “Dum Tuk!” 
Then he found a little thing, to play with and he was so happy. 

Then it started to snow again, and we spent the day inside. 

AND then we went to the dentist. 
Mirah was a CHAMP.

Lucas however, couldn’t forgive the dentist for having blue gloves. 
 It took both of us holding him down to get a little cleaning done. No cavities, all his teeth but two molars. 

He had a short nap, and then I had to go to Basketball.
He couldn’t even.
He ripped his shoes and socks off. And he ran and ran around the gym. 
He was in heaven running around and chasing a ball he got from the dentist. 
Then he noticed the ladies. He just wanted to play.

It was just too hard not to play with the ladies. 

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