New Years

A typical Hite Chalk board, designed by Karl. 
We we lucky enough to have Malia with us!
We made home made ice cream.
Mirah helped mix. 

We set the mixture out to freezing. 
Belle and Adam arrived. It was time for bed for the kids so we did the new years countdown. 
We turned on King Julian’s New Years count down and danced to the music! 

We toasted apple cider, as we rang in the 8:00 PM new year. 
We put the kids to bed and started the grown up part of the night. 

We had bruschetta. I pulled out our Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar from Sicily.  

I finally opened the olives I bought there too! 
We also thawed some tamales and made home made salsa and guac. 
The gang!
That is Karl, Adam, Chelsea, Najude, Cameron, Malia, and me behind the camera. 
Hites unite. 
We played games until midnight and then lite fireworks as we counted down to the new year!!
The group on the street. 

Speaking of the streets, they were filled with huge bangs of fireworks.
We kissed our loved ones, hugged each other and said goodnight!

Happy New Year!

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