Late Night Christmas Eve

After the Hites left, we sunggled up downstairs and watched out new movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. 

Oh the noise noise noise! 
We had Chicago mix for a treat, but we were all so full, no one really had any. 

These cuties kept quoting the whole thing and laughing and holding hands. 

Before Mirah went to bed we put our cookies for Santa. And carrots for the reindeer. 

Bed time was a little long that night. Everyone was so excited for the morning. 
Once we got Mirah to bed, I found out about a plan to meet up with Cameron at Midnight at Denny’s. Which we did. 

It took what seemed like a very long time for our order to come. Mom and Krystin shared this guy:
Cam got an omelette. 

Oh, did I mention, I was wearing a crown?
SO, before we met Cam, Karl and I exchanged some gifts and one of them was this crown. 
I wore it out to make my family laugh when I got in the car. 
I wore it out of the car thinking someone would stop me from wearing it in. I check with them thinking one of them would tell me to take it off, but they didn’t. 
As we went into the resurant someone asked if it was my birthday, and I said, “haha, yeah.” 
But then I realized she believed me. 
A man we passed in a booth wished me happy birthday, and I was SUPER regretting this decision. But Krystin said to just commit to it, so I did. 
In our conversation, I realized that it WAS my actual half birthday, so I relaxed a little. 
It was fun to be together. Just us Pipkins. 

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