Christmas Eve Dinner and Program

Once cookies were decorated, and the kitchen was cleaned up dinner was ready and served! 
We gathered for a blessing on the food. 

There were lots of people, so we waited in the front room for our turn. 
Maryn and her baby Theo. 
Got ya. 
Lynnelle and Betsy ready for dinner. 

Betsy made her amazing Mac n Cheese. 

Karl made Tripletas. 

Lucas was in heaven. 

We had a little table for the little kids downstairs. 

After everyone had eaten, we gathered round the fire and had our Christmas program.

Dad read from the scriptures as we sang primary songs and hymns. 

After our program, we went up stairs to have anther Christmas tradition.
But first Grandma Hite had to open one of her gifts. 
Malia had worked very hard on it. 
It was a personalized version of “Why Giving is Nice.”
Multiple copies were made for multiple individuals in the family who wanted one.
Everyone was able to read along this time since we had all of the copies. 
The babies mostly ran around. 

Next we opened a few little gifts from each other. 

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