Christmas Program 2016

Wednesday rolled around and so did Mirah’s Christmas Concert! 
Grandma and Grandpa Pippy were so excited to be able to come and watch Mirah show her stuff! 

Here is Mirah and her wonderful teacher and Taekwondo gyosannim: Miss Vickie.
This is also one of her best buddies Maren. 

Dad and Lucas were anxious to get seated. 
Thankfully Lynnelle and Malia were had arrived early to grab us some sweet seats! 
Lucas jumped from lap to lap during the show. 
Its good to see him seem small. He is so heavy, and feels so big. But sitting with dad, it reminds me that he is just a baby. 
Quickly enough, the show began! 
Here they are doing it in action! 
Here they are, getting their hand away from someone who might grab it, and yelling, “you’re not my mom!”
Here they are saying:
“I can fight, but I choose not to!”
Mirah did SUCH a great job! 
Under he gi, she had her brown reindeer outfit. 
BUT before she got to that, she had to do a little pre Christmas play dance! 

Here she is in action:
Then the play began:
Santa Lost His Ho Ho Ho. 
Mirah’s line is RIGHT at the start of the video. She says:
“Santa is sad!”
All of the cutie pie reindeer. 

Mirah wanted it to be clear, she was reindeer number 1. 
The elves. 
Mirah’s Christmas gift to us. 
She made the box and the card. 
And took a cute picture:
After the program we went and met Cameron and Krystin for lunch at Mo Beddah. 
We had a nice time hanging out and eating. 
Lucas loves Grandpa. 
Such a fun day. 

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