Temple Square

For family home evening we went to Temple Square to enjoy the lights and the spirit of that special place. 
Mom was so cute and excited! 
Lucas was in the stroller so we didn’t get him in this shot. 
The light from this tree with white lights was SO amazing. 
That is Mirah, Me, Maryn, and Lucas in the foreground. 

This cute lady. 

We were lalygaging and Maryn and dad walked ahead to get out of the crowd. 

Lucas and Karl waiting for the Nativity story to begin. 

Grandpa took Mirah and she wasn’t very soft about getting comfy up on his shoulders. 
Lovely music, and a miracle of a story. 

It was pretty chilly outside and Cameron and Kelly were coming to join us. So we stopped for a bathroom break and snack in the visitors center. 
Lucas and his best buddy Grandpa Pippy. 
Before we knew it the pitter patter of little feet arrived as Sloan in this AMAZING snow suit. 
Maryn had to get a pic with this cutness. 

Kelly, Reese and Mirah jumped in too. 
We were off like a herd of turtles as my mom would say. 
We grabbed a shot of Mom and Dad, and with very little encouragement Dad showed some love for mom. I love these two. 
You can see it on their faces, they are glad to be with a gathering of some of their children. 
Mirah and Sloan held hands. She LOVES Sloan. She is always SO excited to be with him. 
Cameron and Sloan.
Me and Maryn. 
Mom and Dad suddenly went into the Tabernacle. 
Dad took some pictures of the group. 
We were able to convince him to jump in and have another patron take a picture for us. 
You can see a sister missionary up on the stand behind us. She was starting the pin drop exhibition. 
Very interesting. 
The lights were just so lovely. 

We went into the south east visitors center and checked out the diorama of the SLC temple. 
Mom thought it was so cool. 
It was here we parted ways. We said goodnight for the night, and went home to get warm and go to bed. 

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