Casino Night

The Qualtrics Christmas party was here again.
We were dressed in our black tie Masquerade outfits. 
I was in a blue dress I borrowed from Betsy, and Karl was in his black suit that we got for our Wedding 10 years ago. 
We had a dinner from different stations and enjoyed it. 
We spent much of our evening with Katie and David Patty, like many years before. 
Our first stop was Black Jack. 

We had $1000 of chips to gamble, and every 500 got us a raffle ticket. 

We were having a blast! 

We split up with David and Katie and headed over to the craps table. 
This was our buddy Gage. We met him last year. It was so much fun! 

I got my shot to throw the dice! 

In the end we had almost 6 tickets to enter into the raffle. 

We put our tickets in an waited to see if we won anything. 
Karl had a mask too. 
We didn’t win anything. 

Still we had a total blast. 

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