Karen’s 9th Birthday

December 15 dawned bright and early for us at the Hite house. We were going to host the 9th birthday party of our beloved little lady, Karen Lee Whitmore.
After a delicious dinner provided by Krysta of waffles, eggs, and bacon.

After diiner we opened gifrs! 

Karen got lots of things. Like this sweet fairy garden kit from her grandma. 
We got her a Kitty Light. And Graham got her a pair of roller blades! 
Karen needed to try out her new skates so all of the kids ended up outside despite the cold. 
Todd Robbins and his two children Clara and Newel were there too.

After the kitchen was cleaned up and the kids had been outside playing for a while we cut Krysta’s home made lemon cake. 

Karen had requested it. 
Love you sweet Karen. I can’t believe what a lovely young lady you have become! 

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