Lucas’s ER Visit

We had just started driving down the hill from visiting our family in Logan, when Lucas started to cry. I was in the front seat in the car as I turned around and watched as Lucas’s eyes rolled back into his head. He was shaking, and crying loudly. He was having a seizure.

I cried out, “Karl, pull over he is having a seizure.”
We pulled the car over on the side of the road and were both at his side and had him out of the car in an instant. He was shaking and shaking and he was unresponsive. It only took a moment to decided to go to the hospital. It was 4:26 when I got back into the car with Lucas in my arms. But we were in Logan, we had no idea where we were going. Karl fought with his phone to try and navigate us to where we were going, but without success.

Karl called 911.

As the operator got on and we were trying to find our way, there, miraculously on our left was a hospital with an emergency sign. I yelled to Karl to turn left, that the hospital was there.

We got to the emergency room and I rushed Lucas in. As I walked through the doors his seizures mercifully stopped. The big clock on the wall said in red number 4:30. He went limp. And was looking blue. Thankfully I could tell he was breathing, but not very well.

I tried to explain what had happened as I got to the reception desk. The woman asked me to calm down. I apologized and gave her my phone number and Luke’s birthday. At this point an ER nurse came and took Lucas with me. We were put into room 5.

They hooked him up to air first. Then monitored him. 

Karl and Mirah were at my side before I realized it. 
We was unconscious but responsive. 
He would wail. Then go quiet. His temperature was 101.2
They ordered a CT.
He slept through the whole thing. 
He was unconscious for hours. 
At this point we was still really out of it. His jaw was still clenched, and his eyes still rolled back, unable to relax and look forward. He couldn’t wake up. 

I was having a hard time feeling calm. 
I called Aunt Shirlene and explained what happened. I asked if Uncle Greg could come and give Lucas a blessing. They arrived quickly. His head was anointed with oil, the blessing was sealed. He was blessed to respond to treatments and make a full recovery. 
Uncle Greg, a doctor, said it was most likely a febrile seizure. It’s something that happens babies of this age. Their immature nervous systems can not handle a  sudden spike in temperature and it causes them to seize. They told us a story about their Grandson Andy, and how he had had one while in nursery at this age. They also told us about another granddaughter Kennedy, who had one too. Hearing about these kids, who I know, who I know are just fine now, was actually really comforting. 
The left to visit another friend who was also in the hospital. 
Karl and Mirah left to go and get some dinner. 
I took a video of Lucas while he slept. 
After a few hours, if I bugged him he would look at me! 
But mostly he just was passed out. 
 A while later the doctor came in and said we need to get him up, make him eat, drink and pee. 
So I sat him up. And he hated it. 
I was just so happy that he was awake. 
Soon after this, Karl and Mirah arrived. He was sitting up on his own. 
He was drinking apple juice. 
But…it only went ok. 

Finally after hours and an increase in his temperature (102) the nurse came in and gave him a combo Tylenol/Advil medicine. 
We sat in bed together and watched Christmas movies. 
He was pretty miserable. 

And then his dad started playing with him. 

He was starting to act like himself again. 
He was so active they had to do a super job of keeping his IV on his arm. 

Cookie time! 
OMGSH, then he found the remote and kept pressing the nurse’s button! 
It was at this point they started to try and discharge us. 
He CT came back normal. His Flu swab came back negative. His blood culture was fine.
With no real answers except they think it is a febrile seizure we were discharged and sent home.
He slept the whole way home. We got home quickly and without incident. And all went to sleep. 

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I was so worried about him all that night and how y'all were dealing with it. Just picturing what y'all were going through just breaks my heart. I am so glad that he is feeling better and recuperating. I love y'all.

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