It was a cold and rainy Monday evening. I had pre-ordered the member’s only Pre-show tickets for Thanksgiving Point’s Luminaria. As we approached the Thanksgiving Point Ashton Gardens we could tell just from the outside that it was going to be awesome! 
We were right, however, the rain had shorted out half the lights, and so they were giving us that night free, and letting us come back any other night with our tickets, we should just show up with our tickets and we were set! 
The view down the hill was spectacular and the lights flashed along to the music! 
Our first stop was the poinsettia house! 
We had come prepared for the rain, but were already excited to be inside again. 

We were not afraid for the rain! So we headed out again! 
To see these lovely huge flowers! They had done something to make them smell SO floral! 
There was a big tree made of lights that changed color. 
There was an awesome path to walk under it and it was magical! 

Lucas like all of the colors, but I think he was confused. 

There was a 30 foot lighted reindeer, right behind a paddock with two real reindeer. 
Down by the big tree that seemed 100 feet tall! 
There were many more stoped but the kids were cold and so were we so we rushed a little glad that we would get another chance to come on a little warmer night. 
We went to JCW’s for dinner. 
It was nice to be dry and eating. 

Karl always know how to make the kids laugh. 

We ordered hot coco and cheese fries and had a nice dinner. It’s of course that part of the “Christmas Creep” that Karl is always complaining about, but it was still really fun!

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