Big Boy-Sick Boy

My poor baby has been sick a lot lately. 
Despite the fact that Lucas has had indigestion and a cold he still getting big. I mean off the charts big! 
This kid keeps life real right now. 
Real happy! Kissing me. 
Then preparing to dismount. 
This was at volley ball this week, and he can not be trusted to stay safe and not jump off of the stage. 
This is not a hug. 
He is his father’s son. In that when he is sick he can’t even. 
Like the other afternoon when he was a boy on the floor. 
I had the audacity to go to the bathroom. And that just shot Lucas into a freakout, where he screamed and cried on the floor outside the bathroom. 
I went to sit on couch, and he refused to come over to me. 
Then I looked over to him, and we was starting to come over, but when he saw me, see him, he threw himself back on the floor. 
I invited him, lovingly to come over, and he just hid behind the chair. 
Then he wailed and cried next to the couch. 

He calmed down and just wanted to snuggle. 
He finally calmed down enough to look at the TV. 
Still. Pretty ticked. 

So sick and sad. 
But big. 

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