Corn Maze 2016


This is was a massive pit of corn looks like right up close. It is hypnotic. I was to squeeze it and eat it all at the same time.
Me and my baby girl. 

Where are we???
McCords Garden Center in Provo for our annual visit for their corn maze! We were going to check out another maze this year, but we got excited and decided to go here again this year.

This time, we brought the coolest girl that we know, Maryn.


Lucas was mesmerized by the corn.

He wasn’t really excited about it, but he didn’t want to get out of it either. 
It mostly just went down his pants and into his diaper. 
He wouldn’t take a second to look at me. He just wanted to BE in the corn. 
Fun family CORN. 

Karl was loving it.

Where did this lovely little lady come from? She is just so wonderful!


After seemingly an hour in the hypnotic corn we finally got out. And it was everywhere. It was in our shoes down our pants and shirts. When we got home it and got into bed, it fell out of pockets, and my bra and just everywhere. 
We played some games. 
And we posed with the many same photo boards from the years before:

Oh yeah Adam and Belle arrived and they were with us too! 

Lucas was confused about all of it.

We went to the corn cannons!

Maryn look like a real assassin.

Karl next.

Belle thought it was too loud.

Mirah’s turn. 

After all of that corn cannon shooting, I hit a sweet target by the way, we jumped on the hey ride!

We got going and Lucas was…scared?

Such a lovely evening.

These two cuties.

And these two cuties. 
And these two cuties!!
(With our driver Gordon) 
Our family in the corn. 
Lucas Mirah and I took a ride on the train. 
After all of that it was starting to get dark. And we finally went into the maze. 
We did the kids maze first with Mirah. 
Got them all!
Next we did the mystery maze. 
While we were in there. We got up to some silliness. 
Karl kept putting corn silk on my shoulder while I wasn’t looking. 
He said it was just the color of my hair. 
And it looked like a mustache.

And his ear.

And on Lucas’s head. 
We were stuck and it was getting dark, at one point Karl just kept running on ahead trying to find clues and the way out. 
We solved it! It was the MEXICAN. Racist. 
It was almost totally dark and we were getting cold. So we sat around the fire, and warmed up. 
Look at Lucas. He loved the warmth. 
The gang. 

After the corn maze we went over to our house and watched Harry and the Hendersons.
We did eye masks while we watched the movie.

Fun family night! 

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