Conference Weekend

I love conference weekend. This Fall conference was especially fun because Belle and Adam gave us some sweet Saturday morning tickets. AND they took care of our kids! It was awesome! 
I have never been in this section before. It was cool. 
We got seated nice and early. 
The session was enjoyable and enlightening and it was wonderful to be there with the leaders and saints. It takes forever to get out. So we waited in a pretty long line to get out of the room. 
After the session we went to one of our favorite places in the downtown area:
I got the most enormous Mango Lassi I have ever had. 
My Shwarma came. And YUM. 
We got the spicy curried fries. They were both spicy and curry-y. 
And of course a piece of curry fried chicken. The dipping sauce was really good with the fries. 

We watched conference at the house the rest of the weekend, including Sunday. We a lot of visitors for the afternoon session. 
The Whitmore’s came. 

Kelsey and Aunt Janet came too. Lucas liked Janet, I think she reminded him of Grandma. Mirah calls her Grandma Janet. 
Belle and Adam came too. 
We realized the yellow room was a good place to listen. Especially since there was no seating or space for us in the living room. 

We had roast and mashed potatoes for dinner. It was incredible. 
Thanks to Kels and Janet, Lucas was fed. 
Always grateful for the inspiration and instruction we receive during conference. 

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