Wednesday with Daddy

Dad spent the morning with Maryn and picking up the equipment for work.
When he got back, Lucas found his hard hat. 
Fun fact, Maryn’s old boyfriend Lionel gave it to him. 
I love all of the stickers. 

Lucas sat and played with the hard hat while dad got the equipment all settled. 
After dad was all done with his work we visited Karl at work. 
I think that dad was pretty impressed
Dinner was a perfect visit to the Italian Place. Belle came along. 
That night Mirah and Lucas put on the new PJ’s that Grandpa brought from Grandma. 
And got in some pretty sweet pics with grandpa. 
Lucas went to bed, Belle had to leave, I was obiosuly totally tired-cuz look at me. 
We all turned in. 
Dad left, of course at like 2 AM in the dark of night. 
Love you Daddy. It was so nice to be together. 

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