Grandpa Pippy’s Surprise Visit!

At around 4:00 on Monday afternoon, I get a call from my dad saying that he needs to come up and stay because his work needed someone to get a part from the Salt Lake office down to a project they are working on. He was excited to do it, since 5/6 of his kids are living in this area right now. PLUS, he had just bought a vintage oven for Cam and Kelly that needed to be delivered. They were trying to figure out how to send it up on a Gray hound when this opportunity presented itself. So Kismet.

When I told Mirah the next morning that Grandpa Pippy would be coming for a visit she got really excited and made him a bunch of “Welcome Grandpa” posters.

She asked me how to spell:

We were texting and calling Grandpa through his whole trip. When he started to get close we couldn’t wait inside anymore. 

Mirah was ready with her signs, on the porch. 
Then she couldn’t sit any longer. 
Then there he was!!! 

Reunited and it feels so good!!!

Thankfully Lucas was asleep when Grandpa arrived, because it mean that meant Mirah could have Grandpa’s undivided attention.

Minutes after his arrival, he was reading Mirah a story. 

Moments after that, he was giving her a foot rub. She was complaining that her feet were cold. Grandpa agreed. 
He then started on warming her hands. It was then she said, “Grandpa, your hands are so hairy!”
Perfectly hairy! I reminded her that her Daddy had hairy hands too. We all laughed and were so excited to be together. 
Once dad was a little settled in, we went out to lunch with Cameron and Krystin. 
We sat around telling stories. Cam is explaining about a huge batting cage dad once built him. 
We talked about the old days, about regrets and about uncle Alan and Aunt Kathy. Dad even apologized to Cam for dismissing him when he broke his arm as a kid.
It was a really great lunch. It was so nice to have dad all to himself. 

Cam and Krystin had to get back to work, and we needed to deliver Kelly her new oven. 
This also meant that dad could see Sloan and Reese. 
Sloan was really excited to see Grandpa Marc. 


Little baby boy. SOOO CUTE! 

The kids and Kelly were on their way out for an errand when we were arriving, so Grandpa said hi to them in their seats. 
A few hours later, Karl was home, Kelly and the kids came down to play and say hi! 
They were all playing doctors. 

Giving her dolly some oxygen. 
Poses with Grandpapa 

We had a dinner of a big salad and hot dogs.

Fun family night. 

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