Camping in Mappleton

After a couple of months of shaky plans we made it out for a fun camp out with our dear friends the Houcks. Their landlord owns a beautiful piece of property out in Mappleton out in the south end of Utah Valley. It was quiet and beautiful and the fall colors were just starting to peak through the trees.  
There were a couple of houses on the property. A few year ago the owner built a second smaller cottage with a huge pond next to it that looks over the whole property. 
The kids were in heaven.  Lots to run around and see.
Still lots of places to sit and think too.
Where Kami and Doug go, there goes Buckwheat there little puppy too.
It’s a little dogs paradise. 
There was a big patio attached to the cottage that had a sweet brick pizza oven. 
The plan was to make pizza for dinner. 
It took a while to get the oven hot enough to bake. 
So we did some snacking while we waited to eat. 
Our pizza had garden fresh tomatoes. Look at how red and fleshy this tomato is! 

Lots of places to run and have fun for this little boy. He just ran and ran all evening. 

Speaking of running around! 

At last it as pizza time! 
After dinner it was getting late and we needed to get our tents set up, the kids in their sleepwear. By the time that was all done it was bedtime.  
It was a long night.  We were set up in a little grove of trees. There was a group of Scouts stay on the property near the lake that night and they were out and about with flashlights and making visits. There are our tents:
Our tent is on the right, the Houck’s tent is on the left. 
The night was thankfully pretty warm so we didn’t have to worry to much about the kids. 
Our air mattress got went flat in the night and it was just…awful. 
Karl didn’t seem to mind.  
Mirah and I slept head to head. 
These kids. 
They loved being in the tent, and the moment it was light, they were awake. 
Lucas stayed in the pack n play. 
Until the morning when he wanted to get out and play with his dad. 
Running around the tent! 
We had mountain man breakfast in the cottage. Made by Kami and Doug. 
The kids  played with Kami while we waited for breakfast. 
We all love Kami, and Kami loves us all, and Lucas loves Buckwheat, Buckwheat loves to lick baby faces. 
Breakfast time! 
The cottage in the morning. 

There was so much for the kids to do. There was a cool play house with a kitchen and toy food. There was a Pirate ship with a slide and swings and zip line. It was such a fun place. 
There were a couple of golf carts on site and we took a ride down to the Lake. 
Lucas sat with me after the picture. 
Don’t hold babies while driving. 
The water was full of plants and clear to the bottom. 

Doug got a couple of canoes for us to use. 

We went an enjoyable morning rowing around the little lake. 

Lucas was with me. 

He was loving being on the water. 

Mirah was having fun in the boat with Kami and Doug. 

It was seriously just such a beautiful day, and such a beautiful place. 

Doug and Mirah went out with Mirah on front for a little while. 
Then me and the kids got out and found this cool paddle board. 

“I’m flying Doug!”

This place was a wonderful! 
We went over to check out the huge garden and the rows of apple trees. 

We got packed up after having a little apple snack and then we went out to lunch on our way home. 
Turns out Lucas loves lazer pointers. 
Such a fun weekend! 

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