The Kids Right Now

These kids right now. With Preschool in full swing now we are starting to settle into a new routine. I am getting alone time with both of the kids and it is so exciting to see how much they are growing. 

Every new day of Preschool brings new crafts and projects achieved in school. Last week a monster mask. 
This week they did a unit: “All about me!”
It was fun to see Mirah’s self portraits. She is really getting into drawing figures and people. 
For show and tell one of the things Mirah brought all about her was a tomato from our garden. She asked to please eat it on the way home from school. She still loves those tomatoes. 
She is getting more defiant about clothes these days. Yet her ability to focus on getting dressed has seemed to have been lost. 

Yet she is able to focus for seemingly hours on projects she is interested in. 
Like this little one where she took all of my dead plants from the back yard and replanted them to save them. 

She is singing and dancing and drawing and just loving to show me everything she can do. She loves to write her name on everything. She is just so lovely. 
He is still in the place where he must have something in each hand. This day, a toy car in each hand. 

He is starting to love to hid, and as things arrive in the mail boxes are his paradise. 
If I am sitting somewhere, he needs to be right with me. 
Like in this picture below, I am in the bathroom, on the toilet. He has taken to sitting on my feet while I go to the bathroom. (I am modest and covered up, for anyone who is worried. 😉 ) I am never alone if this kids is awake. 
If I have something in my hand, anything, it must be his. 
Like here with my keys. 

He has found a new favorite place to be in the house. Now that we have these taller more ridged chairs by the window, little boy loves to stand and look out the window and check out what is going on. 

It has been fun to have some alone time with this little fella. 
We have been going to the park together which he LOVES.
We did the swings for the first time in a while and he was INTO it. 

He loves to run and climb and go down the slide on his tummy feet first. 
Their Combined Forces:
Sometimes, I feel a bit overwhelmed by the mess that these kiddos create. 

They will let me clean, and Mirah is even beginning to help out. 
Babies. Gotta love them. 

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