Museum of Ancient Life

On Monday afternoon we met up with the Reddoch clan at the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving point. We went through the space room, and made our way to the water and sand room. 
We put on the “water proof aprons” they provide and got busy! 
Asher, happy to be there. 
Mirah getting her hands wet right away! 

Judah and Mirah having fun with dinosaurs. 

There were some older bossy kids who were taking over. 

So we decided to move on and look around some more.
Lucas, ever happy to be out and about. 

Rosie and Ginger were also around. Cuties. 

The kids were excited to be weighed together to see what dinosaur they weighed like. 

“T-REX!!”- Mirah
I don’t know how she knew that. 

Lucas wanted to run around so I let he out of the stroller. 

He was not that into this shark. 
Except he couldn’t look away. 

Then we came to the dino dig room. 
The kids got busy right away!!! 
Even Lucas was getting to the sand. 
Then he started eating it. 
See them all in action:

The digging continues. 

Then Betsy let the little ladies out to play! 
Lucas loves to poke the girls in the face. 
Then Lucas starts to “help” Asher. 

Maxn’ relaxin’ 
We got the kids out of the sand and said bye to the sand pit. 
Out last stop was the Geometry Play ground. 
The Distorted Chair. 

Then you look in the mirror:
In a big couch. 
The Triangle tunnel. 

Betsy with the baby. 
Then Lucas decided to give the ladies some kisses. 

Then they went and had a ball on this Gyronasium.
Looking at Displays. 
Babies had a big day. A nice quiet ride for me home. 

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