Soccer Camp!!!

One of the young women in our ward, Tana, is also one of Mirah’s favorite babysitters. She is also on the Orem High girls soccer team and came by the other day to see if Mirah wanted to come to their 3 day soccer came. It is a fundraiser for the soccer team.

I am always ready to give to a fundraiser, but also, I really wanted to see how Mirah would like soccer, so we signed her up. First thing Monday morning, we were off!

Day One:
The paper said to have them bring a ball, shin guards, and a water bottle.

When I dropped her off she seemed a little nervous. 
But she saw some familiar faces and was mostly cool after that. 
I had Lucas in my arms, and they weren’t letting parents on the field so we left and ran a couple of errands. 

When we got back an hour later, Mirah was looking like PRO. 
She was having fun and listening. 

When she saw me she seemed annoyed that I was there. 

She even was making new friends. 
In action. 
Waiting to come out. 
Tana sweetly brought her out to me. Tana is on of Mirah’s favorite people, and also one of her favorite babysitters. 

They gave them otter big otter pops, and Mirah was in heaven. 
I asked her if she had fun she said, “Yeah! This is the best popsicle I ever had!”
Day Two:

We were booked back to back on Tuesday.
So we packed a bag with all of the stuff we would need, and it ended up being a total mistake.
From the time that I dropped her off to the time that I picked her up it was an issue.

I talked to her coach and she said Mirah was doing well. 

We met up with some friends while we waited to pick her up. Mary was there waiting for Millie and Alice to be done too.

Another day, another Popsicle. 
We drove to dance class. Then got changed in the car in the parking lot! 
Ballet soccer princess. 
Day Three:

Mirah got there and her coaches were ready for her! 
Ready to go! 
Mirah was paired up with a little girl who wasn’t that into playing that morning. 
Like I said, this girl wasn’t that into it.

Waving goodbye. 

We came back to try and take some pictures.
Lucas came to have some fun.  
Baby bubble boy. 

Kicking it! 

One of the boys in Mirah’s class was being mean to her. He was telling her that he was smart and she was dumb. She got really sad and didn’t want to play anymore. 

She only told me this after we got home, at this point she said she was too tired to play and laid down on the field. Poor sweet lady. 
We had a talk later, about how smart and wonderful she is and about being kind. 

I had to carry her off the field in tears and then put her into the car.
A little while later.

I think little girl was tired from sending dad off early that morning. 
Plus it had been a big few days. 
Plus I think that little boy was being mean. 
Big fay for little lady. 
SO, as far as soccer goes, I am not sure. I think we will try doing a league if she shows interest. 
She said she had fun. 

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