Lindon Pool w/ Malia

The day was warm, and we wanted to be out in the sun!
We packed out to the Lindon Pool.
The moment we arrived they closed the pool for a half an hour, because come kid threw up in the pool. This was BORING! SO we set up the tent and kept ourselves occupied. 
Lucas ran around! 
He found our neighbors things. 
And had some fun with them. 

The time soon came to jump in!
And we did. 

Lucas and his dad were stoked to float. 

Mirah and Malia had a snack. Concessions are all 2.50. Mirah got a hot dog. 
The gang decided to climb up and take a turn on the slide. 

Malia went with Mirah. 

Then Karl and Lucas came! 

Karl kept little Lukey out of the water! 

We tried a smaller slide next while Mirah and Malia stayed in the lazy river.
Lucas was not sure, but I was there to catch him. 
He stopped himself. 
Turned around. 
And tried to climb back up. 
Karl had to get him, people were waiting. 
Little guy.
We had been watching a lot of American Ninja Warrior these days. So when we saw this obstetrical, we had to give it a try. 
Karl’s try. 
 Then mine. 

Malia and Mirah in the lazy river. 

We stayed for a couple of hours and then decided to go and get some dinner. 

This poor guy. Very sleepy. It was a big day for this little guy. 
We had BBQ at the Smokin’ Apple for dinner.
We stayed up late and played games. Super fun night. 

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