Moving to Daybreak for the Reddochs

Bright and early on Saturday morning we were off to the first of the Reddoch’s 3 storage units. 
Luckily the kids found some toys to play with it. 
It’s always bizzare to see all of someone’s things you have seen in there home spread out of order in a place they just don’t belong. 
Unit #2
More random playing. 

Finally emptied the whole thing. 
The moving bunch. 

The final unit. And the smallest.

Every inch of space in the truck was FULL of stuff. 

Even after stuffing all of the cars, even the front seat of the moving van, we couldn’t quite fit it all in. 
SO, we went and got Nick’s car in Payson, get the rest of the stuff from the storage unit, and made our way to Daybreak. 
There were 3 people helping from their new ward when we got there. The neighbors came with a couple of his kids soon after one of them left. 
Here is with the kids, taking a break as we were JUST about finished. 
We went home for a nap, then came back with Malia’s car. And spent the evening setting up cribs and moving boxes. We got home around 10. A long day of work behind us. 

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