The Splash Pad

Now we were back together, and wanting to have so much fun!
Despite the warm weather, we were out at the splash pad cooling off at the Riverwoods.

Cute Grandma with her beloved Lucas. 

I am just in heaven sitting here with my kids and my two favorite ladies. 
(Chick Chick-gun cocking noise)
Lets do this! 

My baby boy. I think he missed me a little. 
Almost as much as I missed him. 

Karen always amazes me with her creativity. 

The splash pad is a little tough for Lucas still. He loves the water. He does not love the surprises that the splash pad brings. 
These cuties! 

Speaking of cuties! 
Yeah we were by the Provo beach resort, so we had to get some delicious Dole Whip. 

Back at home…

But seriously, he loves his dad, and getting sprayed with water. 
Loving my family.

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