Tuesday Getting on the Boat

Our last morning in our air B&B we slept in. The day before had been so exhausting and long, and we didn’t really have anything big we wanted to do but get to the boat.

We took the opportunity to Skype with these faces!!!
Look at that face! Look at those lips. I just wanted to kiss him!

Look at those brown eyes. I missed him SOOOOO badly.

I don’t have a picture from Mirah this day. But I talked to he, and mom. It was as bad a connection as ever, but it just made me miss them so much. 

This was on a tree outside the place. I think it was there to help us find our door.

After getting all packed up, we got on a bus that took us all the way to the end of the line. The stop was a block away from the port. The ship was a little bit of a walk from the port to the ship. Luckily there was already a trolley there waiting for us.

It looks farther than it was.

We dropped off our bags, then headed to check in.

There were a lot anxious looking people in white shirts guiding us in.

With very little trouble, we got through check in.
And we were getting on the ship.

Our room wouldn’t be ready for a couple of hours, which we knew, so we brought swim suits and a few other things with us so that we could get right to relaxing in the sun. This was something we were looking forward to. Hot tubs, laying in the shade, in the warm together. No kids. It was SO incredible. 
They had these cool beds. 

This man. I love this man. We took a nap in this wicker wonderland, holding each other, and basking in the sun together.  

After hours of sleeping and sun bathing, we got hungry.

We went down and ate at Guy Fieries Buger joint. It was really good. 
Our room was ready. So we went in. 
The TV greeted us:

We got changed, and unpacked our bags.

Then we went to the Sail Away party on the main deck!

This one of a couple of pools. It was much smaller than it looked in pictures.

This was DJ Blintz, dropping some mad beats.

Our activity direction party team. 
We stayed out of the fray, but we danced on the balcony! 

And we danced together as we sailed away. 
Farewell Greece! 

We went to dinner in the dining room, and came back with our first night’s towel on our bed. 

After dinner we watched the sunset from the deck. 

We decided to take another swim in the back pool. 

And soaked in the hot tub as the light faded. 

We grabbed a late night pizza. And watched a movie, while planning the next day.
We saw a show. 
Then we went for a walk on the deck.
The moon was so bright I felt like I could touch it. It seriously looked like I light, like a spotlight. 
We just stood on the deck, in the late night dark for hours looking at the moon and talking. 

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