Summer Dance Class Begins!

By the time we got back to Mirah’s “old dance class” she was loosing it with excitement! 
Telling me she is ready to “DANCE!”
“Ok sweetheart now LOOK AT ME!!”
The class was already full of excited little ladies all ready to DANCE! 
Mirah’s cute dance teacher is Miss Rochell, She is cutely pregnant but that doesn’t stop her! 
“Ahhh ahh ahhhhhhh!”
Me looking down at her on the bar through the window. Cutie. 
Fancy toes with her little star wand. 

Doing an awesome job at listening. 

She loves to watch herself dance. 
And SPIN! 
Time to line up and JUMP!

And summer sault! 
And balance 
She got right back in there and had a total blast!!
Took a snap of this whole day:

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