Summer Fest Parade

So it was still rainy in Utah later that afternoon. Not so bad that we wanted to stay inside though!
As a part of the last day of Summer Fest in Orem, there is a parade down 800 E and Center street, and then fireworks in the City Center Park. They close the streets a couple hours leading up to the parade and even have a fun run and bike ride too.

So we saddled up our bike, put on our helmets and we were ready to go.

Mirah wanted to ride her own bike. 

Little Lucas was just happy to be along for the ride. 
We had to force Mirah into the bike trailer. She was not happy, not like Lukey. 
We had written the time down wrong in our calendar, so when we went around the corner the street was still open and the sidewalks were empty. 
Still happy to be on our bikes. 
We decided to go and grab some dinner at our favorite local pizza place:
turns out I hadn’t had anything since the farmers market. 
I was starved. 😉
Mirah had been eating all day per usual, and so we was totally content to draw on her pizza white board. 
This is her explaining that she had drawn a bridge over water. 

It was taking a bit to get our food, so Karl took the kids over to watch some pizza being made. 
Soon our food arrived. 
The silce of the month is meatball, which made Karl want some more meatballs. 
So he got the hot and toasty meatball sub too. 
Mirah got a single slice of cheese. 
It was so hot and delicious…she went for it from the wrong angle. 
Got it. YUM! 
I got a large calzone. 
It had tons of cheese, ricotta, and pepperoni. YUM!!! 
Once dinner was finished the streets were closed and the streets were lined with people. 
So we took a ride! 
That’s one of the roads to our house! 
People just sitting in road. 

Hi Buddy! 
The church lawn full of people. 
Suddenly there were a million cops on bikes in the road! 

We went home and parked out bikes. 
Then danced in the streets! 

Dancing in the rain!

Orem City Council Member 
Sam Lentz

This little sweetheart. 
This is the Miss Orem float. It is also a promotion for the up and coming all abilities park. 
New park coming September 2016

Pizza dude


Such a fun night. Say what you will about Utah and Utah Valley, but you can’t beat our view. 
When the kids started to get sleepy, we just walked the block back home and put them to bed. 
The fireworks started after 10, and they were pretty spectacular. Summer has officially started! 

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