Orem Summer Fest!

The annual Orem Summer Fest is here and we were all psyched to go and have some fun together as a family. So we put the kids in the stroller, Karl put on his new fanny pack, and we walked the 4 blocks to the park where it happens every year. 
The temperature was in the 90’s and we were all super sweaty! 
The park was full of families and rides and balloons and fun! 
Karl ran and grabbed some tickets, while Lucas, Mirah, and I stood in line for a ride. 
While we waited a friendly police officer came by and gave us a couple of stickers. 

This little beauty!!! I love her! 
And although the wait was a bit long, there was lots to see in line. 
Soon enough we were up and ready to ride! 
On the Berry Go Round! 
The cool thing was that even Lucas was allowed to ride! 
We all piled in…
And packed in…
And went spinning! 

After the Berry Go Round we went on to the Merry go Round 

Mirah was a little “nervified” 
Lucas was just into the lights, and grabbing the lights. 
We got some food including a couple of papusas and a Culver’s milk shake. 
Lucas was getting hungry and fussy. 
So while Karl and Mirah went on the big slide we walked home, and Lucas ate one whole papusa. 

Summer is here! 

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