Everyone is Moving Away

Sigh, all of our dearest friends are leaving Utah Valley.
In theory I knew it was happening, but today, two more nails sank into that coffin.

Nail Number One:
Betsy and Nick put their home on the market.

And it looks so wonderful! 

Betsy was cool enough to let us drop by for a sec as they were getting ready to leave. 
They are spending this week in Logan at Aunt Sharlene’s house while the house is on the market. 
Here are the professional pics that they have up on the listing for the home:
They put in so nice flowers to add a little color. 
They moved the couch up from the basement. 
They took all of the furniture out from the basement. 
They planted flowers and put wood chips in the flowerbeds. 
They did some touch ups on paint, and had the house power washed. 
They just did such a nice job! 
The kids are all still processing what is happening. I don’t have the heart to really explain it to Mirah. 
Asher and Mirah playing. Well, helping bring a trash can to the car. 
Judah off helping in his own way. 
Nail Two:
Krysta packed up and left from our house. 
They are off to Montana to visit family then down to Nevada for Grandma’s week. 
Lucas can sense he was going to say goodbye to his beloved Krysta. 
Here he is loving on her. 

I don’t know how to tell him…
Here’s to making new friends. And working hard to keep in touch with the old ones. 

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