Memorial Day 2016

We were SO excited to have Karl home with us on a weekday!
He spent the first part of the day with his sister and Nick getting stuff moved into storage.
I had the boys over with the kids and we played. 

The kids played candy land and played outside. 

At lunch time we met up at Carl’s Jr.
After lunch it was quiet time.
Well, picture time first. 
They are in some cutie outfits provided by my mom. 

Everyone was back for dinner and a BBQ that evening. 
Here’s my boy, excited to get into the water! 
And trying to walk around. 
The big kids were outside enjoying the water before dinner. So when it was time to eat, they were all wet! 
But happy. 

We have all been so busy lately that we unanimously decided to keep the menu simple.
Hot dogs. 
Watermelon and strawberries. 
And a bag of left over chips. 

Everyone was happy.

And the water fun continued after dinner. 

Little Rosie. I think.

The kids decided to help out with the garden care and do some watering for me.

The rest of the adults we mostly resting.

Well except Karl and Lucas.

The rest of the kids were totally occupied.

Well, there were other babies to play with.

Everyone was tired after a busy day. 

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