Wasatch National Park `

An Outing in 3 Parts

Part One
Wasatch National Park 
We left the house around 9:00 AM
We drove up Provo Canyon, through Heber City, past Jordanelle Reservoir, and through small towns into the Wasatch National Park.

It took about an hour and a half to get there, and we were all excited to get out of the car.
Here are Mirah and Kami, excited to get going. 

Oh yeah and Buckwheat too.
(Mirah is wearing the hat that Kami and Doug got her for her birthday)

We got Lucas in his baby hike pack. 

It was just a short walk down the trail to this lovely sight. 
The Provo River Falls. 

It looks man made. But it is all natural. 
The whole gang. 
We all clamored down the river and the falls just continued.  
Another roaring falls. 

Mirah was LOVING it. 
There was still snow on the ground. It was such a perfect day. 
Kami and Doug. 
I loved it too. 
It was raining and hailing and snowing on and off. 
Mirah and Kami…
We had planned on going to Mirror Lake, but the snow was 6 feet high in some places. 
Still it was a warm day, and we drove with the windows down. 

The lake was frozen over. 
And the entrance to the area wasn’t even plowed. 
So we drove through the park and enjoyed the beauty. 

There were even people enjoying snow sports.

On our way out of the park, everything was SO beautiful and green.
There was even this HUGE spillway, it was breathtaking. 

Part Two
Jordanelle Reservoir
On our way past this time we stopped to enjoy the view. 
Mirah was having a moment. 
A flower…floating away. 

Part Three
Lunch at Dairy Keen 
We stopped for lunch at a Heber City institution:
Dairy Keen. 

It had little toy trains going everywhere and everything was train themed.
Even the kids meal came with a conductors cap. 

We got lots of fries and a shake. 
A Surprise
It was a wonderful Saturday outing.
When we got home there was a little gift from my mom waiting for us.
An early birthday present. 

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