Doctors Visits and Sick Baby

We have been sick a lot lately. 
Karl even took a sick day, because he was sick and even helped me take the kids to the doctor. 
It was Mirah’s 4 year old appointment.
She did her first eye exam. 

It was pretty cute. 

Lucas had been having a hard goopy time. 

So back to the doctor we went. 

He was perscribed some eye drops. 
After a day on the drops, things seemed to get worse rather than better. 

These things are serious. 

The next day he was looking a little better. 
But after three times a day for a week, one day later all his goopy snotty symptoms were back. 

So back to the doctor. 

This guy. 
Mirah was loving the Doc McStuffins room. 
After close examination from our nurse practitioner Ruth Caldwell:

Lucas had a double ear infection on top of his goopy eyes, so 10 days of antibiotics. 
Thing seem to be better now. 

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