Canoe to Utah Lake

We went on a radical outing with our buddies Kami and Doug this week!

We left the kids with our neighbor Tana, and were were off.

We drove to the Clas Ropes Course down in Provo on the Provo River.
Kami used to work out there, and so we got a sweet discount on the use of some canoes.

Here are Karl and Doug, in their life jackets.

We shoved off.

Karl in the back and me in the front. 

There was something very calm and ethereal about the river there. 
Kami and Doug. 

It was such perfect weather that night.
We saw this mama duck and her little chicks swimming fast as could be down the river. 
As the sun set an as we got closer to the lake the light was more and more lovely. 
These are the Becksteads! They are also in our ward, and brought their son Sam with them. 

There were TONS of people fishing on the river that night. I mean TONS. People from every walk of life. From white trash meth heads, to entire Mexican families. From an Asian mom and her huge fishing pole to a Polynesian grandma and her husband. There was a kid from Africa and his college room mate and even some cute Mexican stoner kids with a huge bucket full of fish. There were these little boys with nothing but a line and a hook to share having fun catching and releasing. 
With all of those people and all of that activity, the water was often totally still. 

Even though we were not.

After an hour on the water, and bags of trash collected, and lots of laughs we were back at the dock getting cleaned up. 

Such a fun night! So greatful for good people in my life. And the beauties of Utah Valley. 

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