The Kids Right Now


3 years 11 months 

Dressed up as Pearl from Steven Universe, one of our favorite TV shows to watch together. 
Here we are in the car, Mirah in her big girl car seat. 
She can identify and name all the letters of the alphabet, upper and lower case with out any trouble at all.
Reading sight words and CVC words. 
She also sounds words out, and can identify words with some accuracy. 
She can write her name. 
While we are driving around, reading, or watching TV she will see a word she knows and tell me. 
She can count to 21, and count to 100 by 10’s. 
She can count things by pointing. 
She loves to create and color and cut with scissors.
She loves to dance and run and jump and play.
She loves everything pink and princess and ballet. 
She loves the water and sweets and painting and laughing. 
She LOVES to play with her Ipad and watch kids TV. 
Her favorite shows right now: Octonauts, Angelina Ballerina “the Netflix movies,” Little Einsteins, Steven Universe, and Super Why.
She loves to be read, it doesn’t really matter what. 
She has started to really listen and remember and tell me about the things she knows.
Like here, while watching TV one day, she tells me about the internet.
I try to make sure to praise her for many things. Not just her beauty. But isn’t she beautiful? 
Such a smart, good, sweet, lovely girl. 
9 months

Climbing Up on EVERYTHING all of the time.

Facial bruises and a cut on next to his eye. 
I just can’t seem to protect him. He is unstoppable. 
He as two teeth fully grown on the bottom of his mouth, that make a little V.
His four top teeth have now all broken the skin and are on their way out. 
He says “Mama”, “Dada” and Mah- for more we think. 
This kid is an eater. His favorite foods are cottage cheese and yogurt. 
He also most Oat/ Fruit purees.
He loves to eat well cooked broccoli and green beans too. 
He will see me eating, and will start clenching his fits, shaking and yelling. This is my signal he wants some. 
He loves to be read to. We read ABC books, and he especially loves books with textures in them, like the kitten book we have. 
He mostly sleeps through the night, although 3 times a week he will wake up and want a bottle. 
He is cruising everywhere, and he has bumps and bruises all over his face to prove it. 
He is a super fast crawler. He pulls himself up on to furniture and can climb up the stairs and so we have become a gated house. 
Karl thinks he will be walking any day now, but who knows. 
Here he is out to lunch with us the other day.
I love these kids. 

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